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Bitcoin Policy Summit

A conference for policymakers, academics, and industry leaders to discuss the opportunities and challenges presented by digital currencies.

April 9th, 2024

Washington, D.C.

Reports of Bitcoin’s death were greatly exaggerated.

In November 2022, FTX imploded—along with the entire market for digital assets. Bitcoin's obituaries abounded. Even the European Central Bank confirmed it was on the “road to irrelevance." 

Today, Bitcoin is worth over $1 trillion and trading near all-time highs. The SEC approved spot Bitcoin ETFs in January, creating something like an IPO for the asset. 

Bitcoin isn't going away. The internet is changing our relationship with money just as profoundly as it did with information. America must get public policy for digital assets right. 

To that end, the Bitcoin Policy Summit convenes academics, policymakers, activists, and industry leaders to share insights and explore critical questions, including:

  • Where are Bitcoin and stablecoins owned and used around the world? Who's using them and why?

  • What’s unique about Bitcoin? Why did major financial institutions create Bitcoin investment products?

  • What are the geopolitical, climate, and economic ramifications of Bitcoin and the proliferation of digital money?  

  • How much and what kinds of energy does Bitcoin mining use? Can mining contribute to the growth of renewable energy?

  • How do we safeguard civil liberties as payments increasingly happen digitally through intermediaries? 

  • How are digital assets regulated now? What is the critical proposed legislation, and what should policy look like? 


Join us for a day of bipartisan policy discussions as we parse fact from fiction around Bitcoin.


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The National Press Club is a professional organization and social community in Washington, D.C. for journalists and communications professionals. It hosts public and private gatherings with invited speakers from public life.
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About Bitcoin Policy Institute
Bitcoin Policy Institute (BPI) is a non-partisan, non-profit think tank researching the impacts of Bitcoin and other emerging monetary networks. Established as a 501(c)3, BPI provides educational resources to policymakers while empowering Fellows from all over the country to conduct original academic research on cryptocurrency and tech-related issues.

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